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Which president candidate to vote for if you want to play Poker!

By : Ben Andersen - Content Team

Tomorrow, its a big day for the US citizens when it will be decided who will run the country for the coming 4 years; President Obama or Senator Mitt Romney.

President Obama, has during the last four years been very silenced on this subject and has not addressed this subject in reference to any law changes. What however has been said from the White House as a official comment is that it´s up to each state to determine however they wish to permit their residents to be able to play poker online.

Senator Romney, has a more clear standing and is against any legalization of online gambling such as poker or sports betting.
So in the event that Romney is elected President, it is more likely that the past developments states such as Nevada, more likely will halter rather than move forward.

The most positive runner for President to online gambling is the Libertarian  candidate Gary Johnson, who is strongly supportive to poker and believes that its a individual freedom to choose either to play online or not and that the government should not interfere in if the Americans wish to spend their money on poker online.
However, Gary Johnsons sits at the moment with 4% of the votes so the likely hood of him being the President of the United States is of course very low, however if he would reach 5% of the votes he would actually be able to take some seats with his party and actually be able to make his voice heard. Therefor, for pokers best outcome we could hope that Governor Johnson hits the 5% border and hopefully he can make a difference for the poker-hungry Americans and legalize US Poke Sites.

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