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Doyle Brunson – Poker Legend

If you have just started playing poker, then you might be wondering who Doyle Brunson is. To put it simply, Brunson has become a world poker icon who has played professionally for over 50 years. Brunson is not just a good player but an exceptional player. Bluff Magazine even gave Doyle the number one position for being the world’s most influential poker player.

Interesting Beginnings

Brunson did not begin his career as a poker player on poker sites. In fact, it might surprise you to know that Doyle started out as an athlete. Brunson lived in a small Texas town called Longworth, Texas. At that time(In the 1940s), the population of the town sat at around 100 people. Brunson ran to nearby towns as an exercise training program and quickly became one of the best athletes in the area.

As time went on, Brunson was even being considered by the Minneapolis Lakers. However, a knee injury ended his basketball career early. During this time, Brunson switched his concentration from sports to education and even received his bachelor’s degree of administrative education. After the injury, Brunson also started playing poker.

Brunson And His Involvement With Illegal Gambling Dens

Without the convenience of poker sites at the time, Doyle Brunson first started playing poker illegally in Fort Worth, Texas. Oftentimes, Brunson would be playing at operations that were run by organized crime members. The poker games here did not exactly enforce the rules of the game. Brunson admitted to being beaten and robbed on more than a couple occasions.

What Brunson Achieved

What Brunson is the most known for is being the 10 time World Series of Poker Champion. The man’s live tournament winnings have been exceptional, winning him more than $6,000,000. Brunson is so legendary that he has even had a poker hand in Texas Hold’em named after him. The 10-2 hand is officially called the Doyle Brunson Hand.

From the beginning, it would seem that Brunson shined at anything that he did. Even though his basketball career ended prematurely, Brunson went on to make something of himself in the world of poker. It goes to show, sometimes seemingly negative things happen for the best.

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