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Howard Lederer back at grinding poker tournaments, like nothing happened

By : Ben Andersen - Content Team

Lederer, was one of the main shareholders in Full Tilt Poker and after being silence for almost 18 months he decided finally speak out about his involvement and responsibility in the crash of Full Tilt, which left millions of poker players with lost bank rolls.

In the “Lederer Files” – the 7 episode long interview where Howard speaks out has been awaited for a long time, however it didnĀ“t leave us with much more info nor understanding of what actually went down and how this could happen.

One would think that Lederer would keep a low profile after this information sharing about Fullt Tilt and await what reactions it would bring from the poker community.
However, as nothing happened and without clouds on the sky Lederer was back at the poker tables playing the Fest Al Lago $10,000 buy-in. Twitter posts from well known poker pros circulated and it was little to none existens of positive comments welcoming Lederer back to the tables.

After the Black Friday all US Full Tilt players were left in the hole for a total of $168 million dollar, so it would be fully understandable that the audience was not happy to see Lederer spend “his” money even before all players had been paid back.

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