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PokerStars PCA Bahamas – should I stay or should I go?

By : admin

Every time since the launch of the PCA in Bahamas, I had urge to go to this even. Why? Its played at amazing Atlantis Hotel in Bahamas, great beaches, sun and great poker.
For the once that have seen, or haven´t seen I can strongly recommend, the great Pierce Brosnan movie; After The Sunset. It´s played out in Bahamas and at the Atlantis Hotel about a diamond thief that has moved together with his wife to Bahamas to retire.

I had the joy to actually enjoy this movie, directly from a hotel room in Bahamas actually when I was there 8 years ago and it definitely added some nice value to the movie and I probably seen it over 15 times since.

Anyways, back to poker; PCA and Pokerstars are offering a great event that attracts the best poker players around the globe, so its a great opportunity to shine with the best. Besides the main event, they have numerous of side events as well their High Roller $100K buy-in event with a massive first price.

Last year, 2011, the young poker great from Sweden Viktor Blom won and added some good valued confirmation on how good he is as a poker player.

Main event of one of the best poker tournaments starts at the 7th of January and PokerStars are now running numerous of qualifiers to this event, which I am planning to give a shot at.

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