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Tom “Durrrr” Dwan – Poker Great

tom-dwan1When it comes to professional poker players, few have been as impressive as Tow Dwan. There are also few that have come from as humble of beginnings. Dwan first began playing poker sites online on the website known as Full Tilt Poker. Dwan played under the name of Durrrr because he figured that it would give him an edge over his opponents, mentally. When they saw that they were playing someone named Durrrr, they would not take him as seriously as a poker player. However, they would later have to say that they lost their money to a guy named Durrrr.

From Humble Beginnings

Tow Dwan started playing poker after his 17th birthday when his father gave him $50 for his birthday. Dwan took the money and used it to gamble on the website, Full Tilt Poker. Dwan initially lost $35 at the six dollar sit-and-go tournaments. With his last $15 he stayed at the sit-and-go tournaments until he finally started making a profit from the tables.

Before playing poker professionally, Dwan attended Boston University as a full-time student. He later dropped out in order to pursue a full-time career as a poker player.

How Dwan Stands Out As A Poker Player

Dwan stands out because of his broken world records in poker. For example, he holds the largest recorded single pot winnings. The pot winnings came in at a little over 1.1 million dollars. Prior to this world record, Dwan had also held the previous world record where he had won $919,000 in a single pot.

Tom Dwan’s amazing accomplishments are what makes him a fantastic poker player to watch. It is definitely worth checking out Dwan and seeing how he plays. If you want to improve your own poker playing skills, then it can be a priceless learning tool, learning from the great players of the game of poker.

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