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South Carolina Rules Poker as Illegal

By : admin

Its been a case in the supreme court in South Carolina for now almost six years and this week the verdict was finally presented. Unfortunately, as a drawback to the attempts of legalizing poker – the verdict fell with smallest possible margins that poker is consider as illegal gaming. This means that it would be considered illegal to run weekly arranged poker tournaments regardless stakes.

The court case is related to a raid that was done on a poker home game in 2006. The buy-in for the friendly was set a $10 bringing the whole prize pool to humble $200. Five men were convicted in the local court, however choose to challenge the verdict which led them  to the supreme court in 2010.

The ruling was based on the fact that the tournament was promoted offline as well as at online poker sites and also the organizer took a fee out of the prize pool which for the court proved the fact that the poker tournament  was an organized poker event and therefore would be the fact an illegal arranged event.

“Whether an activity is gaming/gambling is not dependent upon the relative roles of chance and skill, but whether there is money or something of value wagered on the game’s outcome,” was stated in the decision from the court.

By this ruling South Carolina, makes a clear and strong statement on where they stand in terms of legalizing of online poker as well as privately arranged poker games.

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