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PCA Bahamas 2013 – Here I come!

By : David - Professional Poker Player

As, I mentioned in my earlier blog post I was in consideration by going to the PCA in Bahamas. Luckily, double luck I would say, I managed this Sunday to qualify myself on PokerStars to the Main Event in Bahamas. So now its decided, I am going for some sun, beach and most importantly poker.

The qualifier went quite calm from start not any big happenings. Managed to have my pocket Queens hold up against A-K suited quite early, besides that hand it was just smaller pots.
In the later stages I had some really big pots – pocket Jacks versus pocket Kings, whereas I managed to flop a Jack and get it all in on the flop.
Had also a nice nut flush of hearts versus king high flush for a nice double up as well.

Hand of the night was a three way put, were as I call a early re-raised pot on the botton with 4-5 off. Flops comes 2-3-10 rainbow. First to act, also the pre-flop raiser bets out 70% of the pot big middle position calls and I call. Turn comes A of spades, first position bets pot, middle position folds and I call. River comes 10 hearts, first position bets out – I re-raise all-in and get called. That took me to 4th in position when 20 players left and from their I managed to stay in the top 5 which were rewarded a PCA package at PokerStars.

If you want to join to Bahamas and enjoy some poker – I can┬árecommend┬áto sign-up at one of the best poker sites online – PokerStars, and take your chance to qualify!

Hope to see you in Bahamas!

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